SMI is one of the leading and most experienced structural steel and plate work fabricators and erectors in the MENA region.

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Mud Systems

mud systems

Quality drilling steel products

At SMI, we take pride in being a primary supplier of Mud systems in the Egyptian market.

Our core specialization lies in complete Mudsystems Fabrication, encompassing a comprehensive range of mud system components such as Suction Tanks, Reserve Tanks, Shale Shaker Tanks, Intermediate Tanks, Trip Tanks, Mud hopper houses, and Sack/Mud storage houses. Our expertise extends to mounting and installing various types of equipment, including centrifugal pumps. As a custom fabricator, we are proficient in manufacturing all steel components for diverse varieties of drilling rigs and can seamlessly install pipe spools based on equipment locations.

Driven by our rich fabrication experience, SMI’s engineering expertise enables us to build mud systems of different capacities and shapes, exemplifying our dedication to supplying innovative, superior-quality drilling components and effective solids management solutions. Our reputation for exceptional quality, outstanding product performance, and competitive pricing has made us the preferred choice in the industry. Over the years, we have successfully built hundreds of mud systems, a testament to our commitment to exceeding customer expectations and fulfilling the strategic business needs of our esteemed clients.

Why SMI for mud systemsState-of-the -art mud systems

Recognizing the critical role of quality control in the drilling process, SMI specializes in state-of-the-art mud systems, earning the trust of major drillers and oil & gas producers for the fabrication and manufacturing of their custom mud tank systems and more.

With over a decade of manufacturing experience, our dedicated team at SMI is committed to ensuring the success of your company’s operations. Our mud systems undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are not only cost-effective and reliable but also precisely tailored to your exact specifications. Partner with SMI for top-of-the-line mud system solutions that elevate your drilling endeavors to new heights.

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