SMI is one of the leading and most experienced structural steel and plate work fabricators and erectors in the MENA region.

Km 27 Alexandria-Cairo Desert Road,
Amreya, Alexandria, Egypt.


Superior-quality products

At SMI, we are deeply committed to fabricating and erecting superior-quality products that consistently meet and exceed our customers’ contractual requirements. Our relentless pursuit of technological advancement fills us with pride, driving us to become leaders in our industry.

To achieve this, SMI allocates substantial human and financial resources to support our comprehensive Quality and Safety Program, which is seamlessly integrated into our daily operations. As a responsible corporate entity, we extend our respect not only to our people, customers, suppliers, and community but also to social matters such as safety and the environment.

We recognize that to attain and maintain our status, we must consistently deliver products and services of exceptional quality that are responsive to our customers’ needs while fostering a safe environment for our employees. Our company-wide commitment to these goals is reflected in our Quality Operations Manual and the robust quality system it embodies.


While our inspection engineers are C-SWIP 3.1 Certified, our welders are also certified and their qualifications are renewed on a regular basis as per the ASME standards.

Our highly experienced and competent engineers work according to the following international codes & quality standards to ensure delivering contractual specifications:

AISC – American Institute of Steel Construction
AISI – American Iron and Steel Institute
ASTM – American Society for Testing Materials
AWS – American Welding Society
ASME – American Society for Mechanical Engineers
SSPC – Structural Steel Painting Council
BSI – British Standard Institute
DIN – German Standard

JIS – Japanese Standard
API – American Petroleum Institute
AWWS – American Water Works Society
BP – The British Petroleum Company
DNV – Det Norske Veritas
EEMUA – The Engineering Equipment & Materials Users Association
ISO – International Organization for Standardization

SMI Safety Policy

For us, a successful day is not solely measured by scheduling achievements, but rather by ensuring that each member of the SMI Steel team returns home safely to their families every day. At SMI, all levels of management and employees share accountability for maintaining an effective Safety and Loss Prevention Program.

Our ongoing objective is to provide a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and subcontractors. To accomplish this, SMI is fully dedicated to meeting or surpassing industry standards and adhering to all applicable acts and regulations.

SMI management bears the responsibility of ensuring the availability of leadership and resources necessary to maintain an effective Safety and Loss Prevention Program. Managers and Supervisors play a pivotal role, promoting and demonstrating sound safety practices while ensuring everyone understands and complies with safety protocols.

At SMI, site and workshop supervisors actively foster a “safe work attitude” in themselves and their teams, ensuring that all work is conducted in strict accordance with our Safety and Loss Prevention Policy. Our subcontractors (if any) and their workers are equally accountable for performing tasks safely and fully complying with the SMI Safety Management Plan.

To create a culture of safety, we ensure all employees and workers on Client’s Work Sites are made aware of work site hazards, receive necessary training, are corrected or disciplined as needed, and are rewarded for safe performance. Those who knowingly disregard safety rules will face disciplinary actions, including the possibility of immediate dismissal from SMI.

Our philosophy at SMI centers on the belief that ‘People are our main resource, and their safety is paramount in our minds at all times.’ An effective Safety and Loss Prevention Program, seamlessly integrated with our operational activities, culminates in organizational and production excellence. As a result, we become more competitive, and our employees thrive as healthy, productive, and justifiably proud contributors to our collective accomplishments.